Give forests to local people to preserve them
Give forests to local people to preserve them
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You’ve probably heard of “rolling coal”…
But in case you missed it, it’s a fad among teabagging blockheads. They modify their exhaust to belch out black smoke in protest of the “hoax” of global warming.
I was on my bike at an intersection just now. The light was about to change and this truck came barreling down the street — obviously trying to beat the yellow (he failed, by the way, and blew through a red at about 50 mph). As he passed, a pipe in his truck bed belched out black smoke.
What happened was that he saw someone on a bike and decided that person needed to be taught a lesson about not burning fossil fuels, so he “rolled coal” on me. He needed to do this so badly that he ran a red light to do it.
So here’s the skinny on people who “roll coal”:
They’re criminals. It’s illegal to modify your exhaust system like this. Mine didn’t care about stop lights, either.
It’s pointless. They can’t possibly increase their emissions enough to offset even the most modest green energy efforts.
They spend a lot of money. Not only are the modifications not free, but they decrease fuel efficiency, leading to increased costs at the pump.
So, to sum up, these are people who pointlessly choose to spend more money than other drivers on a modification that could earn them a fine and doesn’t actually do anything but eat money, all to fail at being a bully.
Congrats coal rollers, you’re idiots.



3500 species of plants and animals in Palawan - all threatened by coal! Seizeyourpower at


Everything is energy, including Earth and everything in and on it. Awesome look at the interwoven energetic systems of our planet from TED-Ed.

YOU AND I. We dont wanna be like them. We can make until the end. NOTHING CAN COME BETWEEN US. lol. 

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